Our People


Kadimah’s top-to-bottom print management solutions are delivered by a team of industry experts with decades of cumulative experience. 


As a team, we are uncompromising in our standards, dedication and passion. We love what we do and it shows in our work.


Daryl – Founder

53 years experience

E: daryl@kadimah.com


I joined the Belmor family business in 1963. Founded by my grandfather, Morris Kaimowitz, in 1922, Belmor was the forerunner to Kadimah. My own values are my family’s values and our business’s values.


The clients I deal with, some for as long as 30 years,  have come to rely on us for personal attention and the complete peace of mind that comes with knowing we have their best interests at heart, delivering exactly what they need when they need it. But what truly separates Kadimah from the rest is that we are a family business that treats every client like family and not just another job.


Rael – Director

14 years experience

E: rael@kadimah.com


I joined Kadimah in 2004, but I feel like I have been in the industry forever. I grew up on the floors of the family factory, helping with the packing and generally causing chaos! I qualified as a CA but moved straight into the business. It had been a dream of mine since I was a kid to join the family enterprise.


I work at the coal face of the organisation, servicing clients and interacting with suppliers. I try keep  my finger on the pulse of our operations, and work closely with my team I try to stay focused and efficient with a healthy dose of humour. My Dad always taught us: never over-promise, and always be realistic and honest. These are the principles that govern my own day-to-day interactions with our clients. What makes Kadimah a great company is our people. We have an unbelievable team with vast knowledge and experience. The lengths that we go to on a daily basis to find solutions and meet client demands and deadlines astounds me.


Consistency is also crucial. We honour our promises to clients and suppliers alike and we’re solutions-focused, offering our clients a reliable one-stop-shop. They love that! And of course, our values are sacrosanct. We have grown into a sizeable business but we have retained the same core values my father brought to Kadimah when he founded it… the very same values my great-grandfather brought to Universal Bookbinding Works almost a century ago!


Warren – Director

18 years experience

E: warren@kadimah.com


As a young kid, I used to run around the factory, marvelling at the printing and manufacturing processes going on around me. Even at that age, I knew I was almost pre-destined to join the family business.


My main focus is on exports and the international market. Though our roots are in South Africa, we are always looking for new global partners to expand and refine the products and services we offer, and for new global clients to present our truly world-class print management solutions on an international stage. I am personally very process-driven, and one of my key roles is to ensure that everyone follows our tried-and-tested, cutting-edge management systems and procedures. Over the years, I have seen Kadimah grow from a one-man operation to a highly successful and respected global enterprise with a full complement of staff.


The world of print – like the world at large – is changing rapidly. It’s not just technology. Client requirements and expectations are also shifting all the time. But even – or perhaps especially – in the technological age, service is key. And this is one area in which Kadimah has always led the way. But what sets us apart above all are our core values. These aren’t just theoretical constructs or a nice-to-have; they are central to how we work. Kadimah is a family business, and when you work here, you become part of that family.


Suzanne – Sales Support

28 years experience

E: suzanne@kadimah.com


I qualified as photolithographer in 1991, before working at various printing companies doing estimating and sales support. One of the main challenges confronting us in this business is the reliance on accurate and timeous feedback from our suppliers. I’ve found that good communication is the key to effectively maintaining our proud service record.

Kadimah stands alone in this industry in that it treats its employees as more than just employees. This really is a family business in all respects. All opinions are respected and valued. This culture of openness and mutual respect translates to our interactions with our clients, and is one of the key reasons we have the reputation we do.


Isak – Sales Executive

12 years experience

E: isak@kadimah.com


My first taste of print came in the food packaging industry – first locally, and then in London with Selfridges. I’m proud to bring technical and industry knowledge, and a high dose of energy to the team.


By matching our hand-picked, credible, reliable suppliers  to the product,  I believe Kadimah is able to meet the  tight deadlines, product demands and budget requirements that our competitors simply can’t. Not being bound to a single production entity with finite capability/capacity really works in our favour, and allows us to pass on that benefit to our clients.


Marie – Accounts

27 years experience

E: accounts@kadimah.com


I’ve been involved in the financial engine room of businesses for almost three decades, spanning a wide range of industries. The information I generate helps track the performance of the company, enabling management to make well-informed operational and strategic decisions, and maintain financial stability. I also look to free colleagues from the sometimes burdensome admin work, allowing them to focus on what they do best – satisfying the wants and needs of our clients.


The printing and publishing industry is all about reputation and in this respect Kadimah is uniquely positioned to lead the way. I’m proud to support the business in maintaining our strong reputation.


Helen – Sales Executive

30 years experience

E: helen@kadimah.com


As a qualified librarian (originally from the UK), I love the written word and books. But it’s in the commercial world of print that I’ve found my home. I bring a good listening ear and an innate understanding of what the client actually needs. I always communicate honestly and try to offer constructive advice where I can. I love meeting and talking to people, building trusting relationships, and making our clients happy.


What makes Kadimah unique is that we aren’t limited.  We offer clients the whole package, which ensures they don’t have to waste precious time and resources finding the best solution.


Arlene – Sales Support

15 years experience

E: arlene@kadimah.com


I’ve been in the print and publishing industry since 2002, having gained experience in fields such as advertising sales, print production, trafficking and client liaison. At Kadimah, I working mainly in the Exports Division, focusing on sales and print production.


Kadimah is the longest-standing print management company in South Africa. We have the unique ability to hone in on our clients’ precise needs and requirements – even when they aren’t sure of them, themselves. In part, I think we are able to do this because we see our clients as an extension of our own family. Our core values and ethics are to be admired, and certainly something I’m proud of as a member of the Kadimah team.


Mervyn – Sales Executive

38 years experience

E: mervyn@kadimah.com


I’ve worked in print for nearly four decades. A qualified bookbinder, I went on to work as a print estimator, and then as a lecturer at the Cape College of Printing. I’ve been with Kadimah in sales  since 2010.


One thing I’ve found working in this industry is the general lack of knowledge on the part of those designing  or procuring print, whether on small or large scale. I try to spend time teaching the fundamentals to those who appear to be lacking the knowledge. Once people understand these fundamentals, they are also able to understand precisely why Kadimah’s service offering is so superior.


Guy – Sales Executive

14 years experience

E: guy@kadimah.com


As a kid I have wonderful memories of December holiday’s visiting the family factory. I was fascinated by the different machines and how they all operated.


I began my career in the accounting profession studying to be an accountant but landed up following my passion for performance & went on to study acting with production at AFDA. I worked in the film industry for a few years doing acting work & performing in comedy improv shows. I joined Kadimah in 2009 and I work with all facets of the business – print, packaging, point of sale, promotional marketing items, banners, etc. I take great pride in going the extra mile for our clients, being competitive on price and consistently meeting their objectives and expectations.


The print industry is a challenging environment to be in. Fortunately, Kadimah’s expertise in numerous fields, enviable track record and top-quality people puts us in a commanding position. It allows us to offer a wide range of products and services, satisfying the requirements of our equally diverse customer base.


Nikki – Sales Support

14 years experience

E: nikki@kadimah.com


I began my career running the printing department at Elizabeth Arden in 2002. I joined Kadimah in 2016. I bring efficiency and reliability to the team – traits that come in handy when dealing with client briefs that aren’t so clear and delivery deadlines that are nearly impossible!


What makes Kadimah a  uniquely successful business is being that one port of call for our clients when it comes to their printing and branding needs; a single entity able to coordinate all manufacturing services needed for any multi-faceted  project.


On top of that, we know which printers have the right equipment and understand how to structure a job for a specific press which helps keep clients’ costs down. And then there’s our ability to source every possible type of print product. With the high volumes and a wide variety of print work, our buying power enables us to get the best deal within the required time frame.