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You’ve just broken the seal on your new printed product. It could be a book or magazine you’ve slaved over for months or even a business card or flyer for your new start-up. You turn it over admiringly, marvelling at the feel of the paper, the boldness of the colours, the very three-dimensionality that proclaims its real-world existence. While it sat on a screen, still ensconced in a world of bytes and PDFs and JPEGS, it certainly promised all of these things.

But it was all somehow abstract. Unconvincing. Not entirely satisfying. It hadn’t delivered on its promise. The promise of print. That difference – between the abstract and the actual, between what isn’t yet real and what is, between promise and delivery – is tangible and transformational.


That difference is the Kadimah difference.


What we do

Agile, versatile, and ready to meet your precise printing requirements.


Who we serve?

Our clients are as diverse as the range of print solutions we offer them.


Why us?

Right price, right product, right time – everytime.