Kadimah have become renowned as educational sector experts, supplying not only printed textbooks, learning materials and teaching aids, but also school stationery and exercise books. Over the years we have had the unique distinction of packing for a country’s entire educational system, including managing all logistics and the tracking to each delivery point. Much of the work we do in the education (and health) sector happens in partnership with global aid agencies and NGOs, including USAID, the Global Fund, and CDC.


These jobs require a sure hand in balancing client budgetary constraints while maintaining a high-quality product. Quantities for the various print and product requirements often run into the millions. Very close project management is required throughout, with multiple products being packed in a unique format, and then being sent to numerous delivery points worldwide.

The education sector has always been one in which Kadimah has shone. With a specialist division focusing on education on the African continent, we are able to tackle complex jobs on a mammoth scale. Kadimah continues to partner with government education ministries, publishers and international aid organisations, on occasion printing literally millions of textbooks and distributing to an entire country.


We are also security printing specialists. Printing examination papers and answer sheets, packing them in secure envelopes, arranging them per class, and distributing across an entire country is a norm for us. Our offering includes school stationery and laboratory equipment – all adding up to the complete turnkey education solution.

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