Values & Culture

A multi-generational family business with a deep, century-old tradition of operating in accordance with the highest ethical standards – 

“ethics of our fathers”.


At Kadimah, we offer the globe-spanning reach of a multinational conglomerate, and the personal service and homespun values of a family business. Which is what we are. A business not just overseen by a family but operated by it. We treat our clients and our employees like family, too.

Kadimah adheres to the principles of integrity and social responsibility in everything we do:


  • We always try to do the right thing
  • We stand up for what we believe is right
  • We deliver on the expectations we create
  • We turn up on time and deliver in full
  • We communicate
  • We never forget that our clients’ success is our reason for being in business
  • We take business more seriously than we take ourselves


“As a family-run enterprise our approach differs to other companies. Our values of honesty, integrity and fairness must benefit the end user, our customer. That’s what gives us the passion to operate in this highly competitive industry.”


–  Daryl Kaimowitz, Founder